Pantone Opts for Ultra Violet for 2018 ‘Color of the Year’

What we have here in 2017 is a heap of chaos and disruption. What we need in 2018? The Pantone Color Institute thinks whatever that might be will come in the deep purple hue of “Ultra Violet,” its color of the year revealed Thursday. The color wasn’t chosen because it’s regal, though it resembles a majestic shade. It was chosen to evoke a counterculture flair, a grab for originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking, Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman told The Associated Press ahead of the announcement. [The Fashion Law]

What Makes a Healthy Face?

What makes a face appear healthy? It’s a question psychologists have been grappling with for decades. Early research focused on face shape. So-called “good genes” and a childhood environment free from disease and malnutrition are key to the development of a symmetrical, average, and sex-typical face shape. [Psychology Today]

The Science of Feel

According to Dr Tom Waller, who runs Lululemon’s research and development arm, Whitespace, touch is one of the least understood of the five senses. And yet, touch can be transformative. “Not just the brain, but the entire nervous system and behavioural psychology, is directly related to this thing called the science of feel,” said Waller on the stage of VOICES, BoF’s annual gathering for big thinkers hosted in partnership with QIC Global Real Estate. “There are tiny nerve endings — 3,000 pressure sensors — that work as motor controls. [Business of Fashion]

Danielle Brooks Gets Real About Sizeism in Fashion

The first time Danielle Brooks saw herself on a billboard was an emotional experience. “This was baby Dani’s biggest dream come true and I was so elated that I got to be myself,” says Brooks of last year’s towering Times Square image bearing her body in all its natural beauty. “I didn’t have to lose 60 pounds or change. I got to take the time to embrace and love everything that the world had deemed imperfect. [Vogue]

What Can Fashion Tell Us About Art?

One of the perennial yet unresolved debates in fashion concerns the question of whether fashion is art — or, to be fair, whether some fashion can be described as art. Does its ephemeral nature, its roots in consumerism, frivolity and (sometimes) vulgarity, preclude it from achieving such transcendence? [NY Times]

Sexism Is Rampant for Female Fashion Photographers

Working in fashion has required Kristiina Wilson to develop a thick skin. She’s faced criticism because of her age, her weight, and even her sense of style, she says. The twist is that Wilson doesn’t work in front of the camera, but behind it. A fashion photographer for more than a decade, she says that sexism in the industry leads to women being judged for how they look, landing fewer jobs, and earning less money than men for the same work. [RACKED]


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