The Dawn of Designer Botox?
According to a report by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the growth of non-surgical cosmetic procedures is fast outpacing that of surgical ones. Injectable treatments alone rose 10 percent last year, with over 7 million procedures performed in the US alone. [Business of FashionTwo Years Later, Science Has Another Theory About Why We All Saw Different Colors Of ‘The Dress’
Is it blue? Or is it gold? The debate surrounding the color of “The Dress” dominated a not-insignificant portion of 2015 (such carefree times!). But, two years on, another theory has surfaced about why we saw two completely different colors while looking at the exact same photo. [Huffington Post]

It’s Official: Millennials Are Obsessed With This Brand
Which fashion brand is doing a great job at winning over millennials? (Hint: you’re probably already obsessed with the label’s sneakers.) Adweek just reported on a new survey involving over 1.5 million consumers, and one fashion brand came out on top: Adidas. [Who What Wear]


Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli on hip-hop ballgowns, punk pink and designing with a political message
Fashion is always a cypher of the times, but sometimes more consciously than others. This is one of those times. Whether you regard this as a good thing or tiresome probably depends on how it’s communicated. But what we wear is political, with serious implications for the planet. [TelegraphThe 3 Fashion Items That Are Bad For Your Health — And What to Wear Instead
Bad news: skinny jeans aren’t the only article of clothing that’s bad for your health. According to Naomi Braithwaite, a research fellow at Nottingham Trent University who recently spoke to The Daily Mail, there are some other body-damaging items in your wardrobe that you might want to replace. [Popsugar]

Paul Smith on why we need happy clothes right now
Sir Paul, 70, is not like other designers. He wears his eccentricity well. Like his famous suits, he comes tailored with a twist and over 47 years he’s made a serious and successful business out of it. “With the mood we’re getting from a lot of countries at the moment, it’s important to be positive,” he said. [Telegraph]


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