Everyone Is Obsessed With Rihanna’s Diverse Fenty Beauty Campaign
As the final days of summer subsided into the promise of a lazy Labor Day weekend (and all the beauty sales it entails), Rihanna unveiled the long-anticipated campaign video for her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line…and it’s everything. [Allure]

Zara’s Stunning New Campaign Features Only Models Over 40
Zara is probably one of the most-shopped stores for millennials; our closets are filled with its trendy denim dresses and statement coats. But the retailer just took a major step in appealing to a larger demographic, and it’s incredibly refreshing. [Popsugar]

This Androgynous Fashion Label Is Redefining Menswear In Nigeria
The eccentric brand makes a conscious effort to push boundaries while offering rational fashion to adventurous Nigerian men who aren’t afraid to rock bold designs and out-of-the-box silhouettes. [Konbini]


Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue: Brands Continue to Wage War Over Color
The protectability of colors has been a topic of conversation this week, as almost five years after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Christian Louboutin does, in fact, have a valid trademark in “Chinese red” for use on the soles of shoes (as long as those shoes are not monochrome red), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) has put an end to a two-year-long battle over the protectability of the color yellow. [The Fashion Law]


L’Oréal Sacks Transgender Model After Comments on White People
French cosmetics giant L’Oréal sacked its first transgender model to appear on a British advertising campaign after she described all white people as racist on Facebook.  [Business of Fashion]

Why Everyone At NYFW Will Be Wearing A Blue Ribbon
New York Fashion Week is a week away and if there’s one thing we know about it, is that politics will be front and center. Last February, the fashion industry showed its solidarity with Planned Parenthood through pink pins (distributed by the CFDA), and this season, they are throwing their support behind the ACLU. [Refinery29]


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