The Problem With ‘Full Look’ Styling in Fashion Magazines
Once upon a time, stylists — or sittings editors, as they were previously known — would be the anonymous figures gathering the best clothes from the latest collections and artfully herding photographers and models to far-flung locations to create portfolios of imagery that would be published in glossy magazines. [BOF]

Nars Teams With Refinery 29 on London Art Exhibition

Nars is taking a new, more modern approach to marketing its latest lip product, Powermatte Lip Pigment. The cosmetics brand has teamed with the digital publishing platform Refinery 29 to host an art exhibition in London called “PowerMouth,” spotlighting the works of five female artists.  [WWD] 
Naomi Campbell criticises lack of diversity at Vogue
Naomi Campbell has criticised the lack of diversity among staff of the fashion magazine Vogue, highlighting how a staff photo taken under a former editor, Alexandra Shulman, showed a complete absence of black staff members. [The Guardian]
Afropunk Fest brings NYC musical talent, political statement fashion to Brooklyn
Raw fashion and hot talent arrived in style Saturday to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park as part of Afropunk Fest. Vibrant headwear, tribal-esque face paint, and eye-popping outfits with Afrocentric patterns were on display on day one of the annual street fashion and music celebration. [NY Daily News]
Did You Know Sweatshops Exist In The UK?
You might think that ‘Made in Britain’ is a badge of honour when it comes to the label inside your clothes, but did you know that the conditions in some garment factories in the UK are as bad as those in many of the factories in the developing world? [VOGUE]


China Changes its Tune, Responds to Trump Probe, Promises Stricter IP Enforcement
Just eleven days after U.S. President Donald Trump authorized an investigation into China’s alleged “theft” of American intellectual property, Chinese authorities announced that they will tighten controls over intellectual property to provide better opportunities for foreign firms. [The Fashion Law]


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