Fashion Industry Reacts to Charlottesville Violence
Last week, the world’s eyes turned to Charlottesville, where thousands of Nazi-saluting white supremacist marchers descended on the University of Virginia in what was described as one of the largest white supremacist rallies in recent US history. [Business of Fashion


Serena Williams on exercising while pregnant and why fashion is harder than tennis
Most expectant mothers have their minds firmly full with last-minute nursery preparations, hospital bag packing and birthing plans. Eight-months-pregnant Serena Williams has these concerns, of course, but her sights are also set on a bigger postpartum goal: her return to tennis. [Telegraph]

Target’s Removing Your Favorite Affordable Fashion Lines — and We’re in Shock
Target plans to remove some customer favorites like Mossimo and Merona and replace them with 12 new clothing, accessory, and decor lines. [Popsugar]


Counterfeiting Boom Threatens the Legitimacy of India’s Rapidly Growing Markets
India’s consumer goods and retail sector is predicted to see sales soar by 40% over the next three years – making it the fastest-growing emerging market. [The Fashion Law]

Study: Millennial Women Are Shunning Fakes for the Real Thing
Despite living in a world dominated by fast-fashion retailers, which make runway lookalikes wildly affordable and almost instantly available, fewer and fewer millennial women are looking for fakes when it comes to luxury goods. This sentiment is apparent in the “buy less, buy better” mentality that is permeating this purchasing group, and central to a new study put forth by the Diamond Producers Association (“DPA”). [The Fashion Law]

How High Fashion Won Over Rap
Fashion has always been essential to hip-hop culture. Though the youthful black and brown New Yorkers who developed rap in the ‘70s and ‘80s weren’t well-off financially, their purchase of clothes was every bit as important to them as the priceless words they fashioned. [Vulture]


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