Announcing Vogue’s Forces of Fashion Conference With Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and More
This October, Vogue, in partnership with American Airlines, Milk and HP, is bringing together some of the world’s most celebrated designers for Forces of Fashion, a conference primed to spark frank and lively discussion around the current state of the industry. [VOGUE]


The 1 Model You Should Be Following If You’re Real About Stretch Marks and Cellulite
Ever since Denise Bidot’s start as a supermodel in 2014, when she made headlines for being the first curvy woman to walk the runway at Fashion Week for regular-size brands, she’s exploded onto the scene. [Popsugar]

Are We Really Doing This Whole Asian Cultural Appropriation Fashion Trend Again?
Perhaps you, like me, have noticed a slow and steady comeback of culturally Asian garments becoming fashionably trendy. I blame the 90s throwback, regurgitating its way back into the zeitgeist of cool with little to no reflection at all. When has being Asian ever been cool in a mainstream sense? It’s never done anything for my “cool” cred personally. [Allure]

Tiffany & Co.’s New Ads Are Embracing ‘Cool’—and It’s Totally Working
Tiffany & Co. may be one of the most iconic, instantly recognizable jewelry brands in the U.S., but its fall 2017 campaign might make you do a double take. (Save for its signature blue shade, which, of course, makes an appearance.) [GLAMOUR]


On Zazzle, White Models Are Being Used To Sell T-Shirts That Say ‘Nappy’ And ‘Angry Black Woman’
Online marketplace Zazzle is taking some serious heat after photos emerged last week showing some of its “Nappy,” “Angry Black Woman” and “Black Girl Magic” T-shirts being modelled by white models. [Huffington Post]

High Tech Meets High Fashion With Kino ‘Living’ Jewelry
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created “living” jewelry. The miniaturized robots, dubbed Kino, meander across your clothes, changing location and reconfiguring appearance. [Geek]


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