Rihanna Reigns Over the Met Gala with Her Pope Dress

Many celebrities flirted with the Met Gala theme this year — the influence of Catholicism on fashion — but no one took it on as fearlessly as Rihanna, who dressed like the female pope the Vatican’s never had. [NY Times]

Cardi B’s Met Gala Look Is Pregnancy Style at Its Most Extra

Cardi B has spent the past few months concealing her pregnancy from the public, thanks to a calculated mix of exaggerated peplums and cascading waves of tulle. Now that the big secret is out though, she’s been unabashedly embracing all the body-hugging shapes that maternity style has to offer. [VOGUE]

An Exhibit of "Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" but First, the Met Gala

“If you’re going to wield power, you need to dress the part — and it seems few have understood that better than the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church through the centuries.” That is the Associated Press’s take on the latest mega-exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, a look at the influence of Catholicism on fashion. [The Fashion Law]

Burberry Might Be Going Fur-Free — and Meghan Markle Could Have Something to Do With It

Burberry might soon be joining the growing list of brands that have pledged to no longer use animal fur. The luxury brand recently confirmed to The Sunday Times that it is currently reviewing its use of fur with the intention of ultimately going fur-free. [Popsugar]

The Real Controversy at the Heart of Catholic Fashion

The theme of this year’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute exhibit — “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” — is bound to cause controversy. Showing priestly vestments and risqué haute couture alike, the exhibit seems primed to cause tension between the secular and the sacred. But there’s another, quieter controversy brewing over Catholicism and fashion — not between the sacred and the profane but between different interpretations of the sacred. [Vox]

Want a Fashion Job in London?

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, London remains one of the most attractive cities to build a career in fashion. Thanks to prestigious institutions such as Central Saint Martins, the Royal College of Art and the London College of Fashion, which contribute a steady stream of emerging design businesses to its eco-system, London has long-held reputation as the emerging design capital of the world. [Business of Fashion]


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