Why is Fashion Lagging Behind in its Efforts to Ward off Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment and mistreatment of models has “always been widely known and tolerated in the fashion industry,” according to Christy Turlington. “The industry is surrounded by predators, who thrive on the constant rejection and loneliness so many of us [models] have experienced at some point in our careers. [The Fashion Law]

This company makes bras for girls with asymmetrical boobs

Did you know that basically everyone has some form of asymmetry in their breasts? Yep, it’s super common and your lopsided boobs are totally normal, but it can make bra hunting a regular pain in the tit. [COSMOPOLITAN]

This Amazing Project Highlights The Most Stylish Black Men In Fashion

Women are regularly celebrated and commended for their style, but when it comes to men, they don’t always receive the same praise for their choice of fashion. Former first lady Michelle Obama even admitted that former President Barack Obama wore the same exact tuxedo over and over throughout their eight years in the White House, while we scrutinized every single outfit she wore. [ESSENCE]

Tommy Hilfiger Creates Fashion Line for People With Disabilities

With retail traffic slowing and apparel brands fighting harder than ever for customers, Tommy Hilfiger is going after a largely untapped market: people with disabilities. [Business of Fashion]

Koreans do it better

Here’s the thing about Koreans: they’re pretty major. Their economy is big, their menswear industry is booming, the buildings are tall – even they are tall. [GQ]

How One Afrobeats Superstar Is Reinventing Ghana’s Most Prized Fashion Treasure

E.L, the Afrobeats singer and rapper, is picky about his kente. A fabric of the Asante people, one of Ghana’s largest ethnic groups, it has been handmade from silk and cotton on looms with painstaking precision for centuries. And yet, because of its global popularity, the local market has been flooded with poor imitations of the original. [VOGUE]



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