What It’s Truly Like to Be a Fashion Model
For decades, modeling was the silent profession. But not any longer. In interviews with The New York Times, young women discuss racism, sexual abuse and the fashion industry’s obsession with extreme youth. [The New York Times]


Why Color Psychology is Key to Digital Marketing
From the orange at Hermès to the red coating of Christian Louboutin‘s shoe soles, brands have often distinguished themselves by incorporating emblematic colors into their products. The increasing amount of trademark infringement lawsuits are indicative of just how much brands rely on certain colors as integral parts of their DNA — and the lengths they’ll take to protect their singular use. [FN]

Banning size zero models is small fry. What fashion needs is diversity
New York Fashion Week hadn’t even begun when the big story emerged: the luxury groups LVMH and Kering have pledged to stop using underage and size zero models in their catwalk shows and ad campaigns. [The Guardian]


Fenty x Puma
‪Rihanna’s Instagram handle is BadGalRiRi for a reason. The pop star has an insatiable appetite for danger, and her risk-taking swagger permeates everything she does, not least her sense of style. [VOGUE]

Prada’s Profits Fall, as Brand Says Revamp is Taking Longer Than Expected
Italian fashion house Prada reported a sharp drop in first-half profits on Friday and warned it would take longer than expected to turn the ailing company around.  A year ago, Italy’s largest luxury goods company by revenue said it expected to return to sales and profit growth in 2017 after being hit hard by a slowdown in its markets. [The Fashion Law]

Freelancers sue Ebony magazine, claiming $70,000 in unpaid work
A group of 38 Ebony freelancers filed a lawsuit against the magazine Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, claiming they are collectively owed more than $70,000 for their work. [Chicago Tribune]


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