Red Hot Sex

It’s a phrase well known to the less-than-holy of us but few of us know that the association between the colour red and sex has actually been proven.

Studies have revealed that red is the colour most associated with attractiveness in females. Wearing red clothing has also been shown to increase a man’s rating of a woman’s sexual intent. Make-up enthusiasts will be interested to know that Psychologists in France have discovered that males solicit women when wearing red lipstick more so than women wearing pink, brown or no lipstick at all.

Red lipstick is my armour – I feel it distracts from my hereditary dark circles and gives me an instant psychological lift, no matter what my mood is. 
Liz Goldwyn
Like the little black dress is to your closet, a loud red lipstick is fundamental to your makeup collection. Every woman must at least have one….or three… or seven. In my case, I have about ten, and that’s just the matte textures.

Whilst red lips are first and foremost associated with female attraction, to limit red lipstick to just this is to ignore the spectrum of shades, hues and textures that can be worn, as well as the ways they make you and others feel.

Well ladies, I’ve done the impossible. Out of my mighty make-up stash, I’ve hand picked my top five lippies, all different textures, hues and shades of the forever reigning, lip staining, kisses craving colour, red.
Image Source: Alysha Yates
​Ruby Woo, MAC


If there ever were a lipstick hall of fame, Ruby Woo would stand self-assured as one of the most iconic red shades of its time. Retro matte, ruby rich and unmatched by it’s subtle blue undertone, Ruby Woo is the ultimate red shade to bring boldness to a puckered-up pout. Ruby rich, it’s colour makes me feel confident, classic and sexy all at once. No word of lie, I’d wear Ruby Woo everyday if I could, but that wouldn’t be fair to my lipstick collection. Now, every other day? I could settle for that!
Image Source: Alysha Yates
90210hhh, Too Faced


​Christmas calls for 90210hhh and it’s candy apple red tone. This is one of my favourite crème based lipsticks hands down because it makes me feel festively classic. 90210hhh is ideal for the winter because of it’s ability to hydrate even the most chapped of lips, as well as to provide long lasting, powerful pigment.
Image Source: Alysha Yates
Rouge Tuxedo No. 45, YSL


This ultra-luxe lip shine looks and smells like the inside of a watermelon. I’d wear Rouge Tuxedo in the summer because it’s weightless, sheer shine is perfect for hot summer days when you wish you were naked and want to throw next to nothing on. 
Image Source: Alysha Yates
​Irrepressible, Estee Lauder


Irrepressible is what you wear on date night. Do not pick anything other! I fall in love with it’s alluring, sultry red brown undertone every time I pop the lipstick cap. It’s matte but not drying in the slightest and it’s deep plum dark hue is seductively dangerous for those whose eyes it meets. Wear Irrepressible and that’s what you’ll be.
Image Source: Alysha Yates
Dance With Me, MAC


No matter what you do on a night out, Dance With Me perseveres. This liquid lip potion is berry, burgundy and beautiful and dries retro matte like no other. Apply just before leaving home. It’s lick proof, sick proof, kiss proof, bitch proof, bite proof, fight proof, sweat proof, wet proof, smudge proof, hug proof and grease proof while chomping on Maccy D’s in the cab ride home. Wear Dance With Me on the dance floor. No caution needed.

Did we miss out your favourite Red Lipstick? Share your recommendations in the comment section!

Alysha Yates is a beauty writer. She has worked with Grazia Magazine, Hunger Magazine and Live Like A VIP. If lipsticks were pound coins, she'd be swimming in cash.

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